The Co-Active Coaching Model

The heart of the model is the clients' agenda.

The coach asks questions of the clients that forwards the clients' agenda or deepens the learning.  The coach strives to "become" the true mirror the clients' needs to see more themselves more clearly.

The Four Cornerstones of the Co-Active Coaching Model

"The client is naturally creative, resourceful and whole.

Co-active coaching addresses the client's whole life.

The agenda comes from the client.

The relationship is a designed alliance." 1

The designed alliance becomes the coaching relationship for which the clients' fulfillment, balance and process are the primary focus.  The coach uses listening, curiosity, self-management, intuition and inquiry to bring action and learning to the client.

Co-Active Coaches:2

Hold the client as naturally creative, resourceful and whole.

Practice the highest standards of professional ethics.

Are adept at forming partnerships and designing alliances with their clients.

Establish a thriving coaching practice.

Hold the client's vision and commitment.

Develop their own unique coaching style.

Become the space for and evoke action from the client.

Must be present with anything the client brings up or does.

Use their life as a laboratory of their own learning.


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