About John


photo of JohnAfter a long and successful career as an engineer and project manager, John chose to leave Hewlett-Packard to pursue a fulfilling career as life coach.

I have a passion for helping people find fulfillment in their lives. I voluntarily developed programs while employed by Hewlett-Packard that were outside the scope of my project management role. Examples of these programs were a peer-to-peer mentoring program for project managers, a management forum for all division managers, training development programs and I mentored engineers aspiring to management responsibilities. While conducting my job search I discovered the joy of being a life coach. The knowledge and skill gained while training with the Coaches Training Institute has equipped me to be more effective in helping others.

John is married to Karen and two of their six children live with them at home.  John and Karen live in Fort Collins, CO and are active in their church, children's schools and community.


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