My Coaching Specialty and Style


ADDed Potential Coaching derives it name from my interest in coaching people with ADD or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder). I experience great joy in helping clients realize they are complete, whole and that being AD/HD is a gift to celebrate and to use for the good. My coaching is not exclusive to AD/HD clients and I welcome all those who have a desire to move forward in their actions, live more balanced lives and deepen their understanding of their relationships with others.

The attributes that people find most engaging about me are my creativity, intensity, resourcefulness, humor, intellect and my passion to help people find fulfillment in reaching their goals. I am compassionate and this includes sometimes asking my clients to do difficult actions if these are required for them to reach their goals while acknowledging the difficulty. I am intuitive and I test my "gut feelings" frequently with my clients to make sure it lands with them as well. I love to celebrate successes with my clients!

Coaching done by telephone has proved to be as effective as face to face coaching.  I am comfortable with either coaching in person or by phone.  Since most clients do not live close enough for in person coaching therefore it follows that most sessions are conducted by telephone.


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