Colorado Christian University

Colorado Christian University (CCU) makes a wealth of information available over the Internet. This page is designed to help the CCU community find the most commonly needed resources quickly. The following section titles serve to categorize the areas of interest as well as to provide a quick link to the corresponding sections within this web page (located at

General Internet Resources

CCU provides external and internal access to a variety of tools for visitors, students, faculty and staff to use.

Links for David Mullaney's Students

J. David Mullaney has been contracted as an Adjunct Faculty member to instruct CCU students in Fort Collins. A personal introduction is available here. His Curriculum Vitae is available in Word and PDF formats. Autobiographical observations from 2002-2003 are available at (on the same domain where he maintains this webpage).

David Mullaney's Launch Pad

This area is mostly a personal, electronic notebook that David uses to reach Internet resources related to his responsibilities at CCU. Many of the links may be of interest to other visitors to this page, and they are welcome to explore the resources as well.