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Deseando lo mejor para todos - wishing the best for everybody - updated 15 MAY 2013 - Relating to Identity

In these last few years, I have thought more and more about the importance of identity. I won't develop the thoughts too much on this page, because I would rather direct you to my new Wiki - or better yet... sit down with you and talk about it.

In any case, I am returning to my roots and focusing on leveling the playing field for Spanish and English-speaking participants in shared activities (such as the justice system). Here is the tag-line that you are likely to see on Facebook and LinkedIn: Al Toque ("right away" in Spanish) is a service company in Northern Colorado providing Spanish/English interpreting services with a personal touch in legal and business environments.

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  • Reporting from Fort Collins, CO - updated 18 OCT 2010 - Relating to People

    After a 14-month search, I found the right team at Agilent Technologies; after another 7 months of contracting, I am pleased to come aboard as a Full Time Employee. Hopefully, this will be a new chapter that leaves the 8-year adventure behind -- but not so far behind as to allow me to be insensitive to others on the job hunt or to God's faithfulness and creativity in providing.

    Relationships helped bring this last chapter to a close. Working to serve others, to understand their needs, to demonstrate genuine respect and to make their work more effective all combine to create a compelling case for an invitation to join the team. This is not the first place where I have employed such practices, but it is a team that appreciates such an investment in relationships.

    Along the way, my greatest accomplishment has been to co-launch NoCo Faith Builders for job seekers standing on the Rock. I hope to continue making support of that group a priority.

    Reporting from Fort Collins, CO - updated 12 FEB 2009 - Transition

    The economy has been impacting millions of jobs in recent months; along with mine. After a work force reduction in January, I have the opportunity to reflect on important characteristics of transition.

    A valuable contributor to society must understand his or her strengths and value. The appropriate opportunity often requires growth and learning, in terms of mastering new vocabulary and understanding a new environment or industry. When the new position is identified, the new hire would do well to align himself or herself with the needs and processes of the hiring company. Little by little, the individual may suggest observations that come from his or her professional experience. Based on how well those suggestions prove themselves in the new environment, the individual may adjust the level and pace of such suggestions.

    Since the original section of this page (below) is already organized to introduce its author to interested contacts in the business world, the reader will find that those resources are maintained in place. Please see the Letters of Reference and Resume section for more information.

    Reporting from Fort Collins, CO - updated 29 APR 2008 - Attitude

    Beginning today, this page will be my professional blog. Beginning tomorrow, I will begin new work as the Director of the Project Management Office at Excelsior Software in Greeley, Colorado. I'd like to mention three attitudes that have been positive for me during this job search.

    1. Service - Bringing an attitude of service to NoCoNet and Timberline Church over the last 6 months may be one of the greatest practices to carry me through this time of unemployment. NoCoNet is all about "giving to get;" starting each Monday morning with a reminder and focus about the job search, along with excellent networking, has been energizing. Timberline Church already has an army of volunteers, but the leadership is embracing an even more empowering approach; helping motivate and equip a pastor to lead this project using industry best practices encourages me and strengthens the effectiveness of the church.
    2. Confidence, balanced with humility - When job-searching, you are the product and the salesperson; you have to be confident. As a Christian, I have the added bonus of knowing with confidence that this is not all about me. Such awareness reminds me to be humble before God and people within my network. Let me know if I got too carried away with the confidence part!
    3. Gratefulness - Speaking of humbling... I have been so humbled and am so grateful for the many people that have been supportive of me throughout the job search. Here are some of the ways you have blessed my life:
      • Prayers, thoughts, gifts
      • Advice, tips and questions
      • Internal connections, leads, encouragement
      • Part-time work
      • Attention and patience
      • Normalcy (or excellence) in non-job search activities
    Please let me know how I can serve you.

    Reporting from Fort Collins, CO - updated 23 MAR 2008 (and again in FEB 2009)- Job Search

    In November 2006, David Mullaney was pleased to find a remnant of the HP Way alive and well. This unique 21st Century experience makes his schedule management contract for HP's Camera Phone technology team (as Senior Program Manager) a pleasure. Another unique aspect of this team is the use of time buffer management based on Eli Goldratt's Theory of Constraints and Critical Chain.

    David wrapped up the project demonstrating HP's value to Camera Phone manufacturers in November 2007. This would be a good time to introduce yourself or re-establish contact with David. Perhaps your business has a need related to organization, communication or planning; maybe you could even benefit from someone fluent in Spanish and English, comfortable in technical and business environments, or effective with customers and executives.

    While evaluating options for a good fit, David has stayed engaged with the community through volunteer efforts and additional certification. Timberline Church benefits from David's project management professionalism during a roll-out of a church management system (ConnectionPower), similar to an ERP in the corporate world. NoCoNet bridges the gap between employers and local professionals; David is contributing by hosting the recruiters that come each week. In December, David completed the PMI-sponsored course in Six Sigma to earn his Yellow Belt certification in Six Sigma; click here for an introduction to the topic.

    LinkedIn provides a way to stay connected easily with David. His information is at

    This page summarizes the talents that David brings to the table. See the links to sample resumes (left) and references (right).

    The list below provides links to recent resumes and letters of reference written with a variety of emphases. Click on the link that seems most interesting to you.

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